Tai Chi origins

The Origins and Development of Tai Chi

-----------------------------------------------------------------------Tai Chi originated in Chenjiagou Village, Wenxian County, Henan Province, China in the late Ming Dynasty, almost 400 years ago, by the 9th generation Chen family member: Chen Wangting. Chen Wangting was a famous Martial Artist in the Late Ming Dynasty. When Ming Dynasty fell, he went back to Chenjiagou where he began formulating an internal martial art which incorporated the wisdom of the ancient philosophy of Yin and Yang. It also included Chinese old specialized breathing techniques, and built on the theory of Meridians and Collaterals in Traditional Chinese Medicine. That was the Chen style Tai Chi.
At beginning, the martial art was only imparted to Chen family numbers in great secrecy and remained hidden for almost 300 years. It was not until the 14th generation of the Chen family (around 120 years ago) that Grandmaster Chen Changxing taught the art to Yang Luchan, a household servant. Yang Luchan had modified the Chen Taijiquan to a softer form for easier practice and created the Yang style Tai Chi. Wu Yuxiang learned from Yang Luchan and a variation of the original Chen form from Qing Ping (who taught the 'small frame' version of Chen Taijiquan) and created the Wu style. A man named Hao Weizhen, learned the Wu style from Wu Yuxiang's nephew and taught the style to Sun Lutang, who in turn created the Sun style (Sun was already an established master of Xing Yi Quan and Ba Gua Zhang when he learned Taijiquan. He combined his knowledge of the other arts when creating his style). Yang Luchan had another student, a Manchu named Quan You, who in turned taught the Art to his son, Wu Jianquan. Wu Jian quan popularized his variation of the Yang style, which is commonly referred to as the Wu Jian quan style. In recent times (this century) there have been many other variations and modifications of the Art, but all may be traced back through the above masters to the original Chen family forms.
Tai Chi is a kind of way aiming at leading natural Qi into human body by breaking through Baihui and Yongquan, the results of natural Qi’S Circulationn inside human body are great improvement of health, equilibrium of Ying and Yang, development of moral character , coordination of internal energy and external movements. Therefore ,Tai Chi, according to it’s unique function and magic nature, has been widely accepted and pursued by people of different counties.

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